Next NOU Meeting

September 14-16, 2018 at Ainsworth Nebraska

Join your friends at NOU photo by Janis Paseka © Janis Paseka The Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union fall meeting will take place in Ainsworth, Nebraska, 14-16 September 2018.  Motel reservations can be made at the Rodeway Inn (402-387-1050), please be sure to request the group discount for the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. 

Additional details, including registration, will be provided in the next issue of the NOU newsletter, The Burrowing Owl.

See you in September in Ainsworth!

NOU Birding Event - Ainsworth

Many people think that spring is the best time of the year to bird but
fall is also a great time.  By mid-September, the temperature cools
and lots of birds migrate.  After Labor Day the big crowds thin which
makes traveling more pleasant. 

Ainsworth, Nebraska is close to some excellent birding areas, such as:
The Niobrara Valley Preserve, Long Pine WMA, Keller Park WMA, Smith
Falls State Park, Thomas Creek WMA, Fred Thomas WMA.  South of Ainsworth
are Sandhills lakes that are usually full of birds.  Yellowthroat WMA,
Willow Lake (Brown Co.) and Long Lake are just a few of the area lakes.
Trumpeter Swans may be found in the Sandhills lakes as well as many
duck species.  Virginia Rails and Sora may also be found in the area.
American Avocets, a few shorebirds, egrets, herons, some flycatchers,
some vireos, nuthatches, Marsh Wrens, many sparrows, a few warblers and
Scarlet Tanagers may still be found in mid-September.  We should be able
to find Sharp-tailed Grouse and Greater Prairie-Chickens.  Franklin’s
Gulls, American White Pelicans, Swainson’s Hawks should be on the move.

The Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union has scheduled their fall birding
event/meeting September 14-16, 2018 in the Ainsworth area.  The meals
and meeting will be at the Elks Lodge in downtown Ainsworth.  The
Rodeway Inn is offering a discount on rooms for attendees.  There are
a few other motels in the area as well as cabins and camping areas.

You can bird your way to Ainsworth on Friday and join us for supper
and a program about birds that evening.  You do not need to be a
member to attend.  Ross Silcock is scheduled to speak about the
“Hybrid Zones” in north central Nebraska.  This is where we may
find crosses between Spotted and Eastern Towhees.  Baltimore and
Bullock’s Orioles, Rose-breasted and Black-headed Grosbeaks. 

We may schedule a field trip after the program to look for owls and
nightjars.  Eastern Whip-poor-will and Common Poorwill are possible
as well as some owls.  More information will be posted on the NOU
web site and facebook page.  There will also be announcements on the
NEBirds listserv.

Saturday field trips will start early and be guided by excellent
birders.  A sack lunch will be available so you can stay out all
day if you want to.  Trip leaders will be scouting the area and
posting their sightings on ebird and NEBirds.  Details regarding
start times and itineraries will be posted later. 

Saturday evening we will gather together at the Elks Lodge for our
banquet and program.  Luke Hamilton is scheduled to present his
Baltimore Oriole research project.  Luke is a student at the
University of Nebraska at Kearney.  He has been working with Dr. Letty
Reichart on this project for three years. 

Sunday morning will be another opportunity to bird the area before
heading for home.  There will be a couple guided trips.

I’m looking forward to birding with you there.

Robin Harding

You do not need to be an NOU member to attend!